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atWar: strateške ratne igre

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar je besplatna browser multiplayer strateška igrica zasnovana na ratnim igricama kao što su Risk i Civilizacija (click to see the differences). Usavršite umjetnost strateškog ratovanja protiv drugih igrača za svjetsku dominaciju na visoko definiranim mapama sa stotinama gradova i država. Napravite vlastite mape i scenarije bazirane na stvarnim ili izmišljenim sukobima u prošlosti, sadašnjosti ili budućnosti.
atWar ima jedinstvenu pokretnost jedinica, bez ograničenja kretanja kao kod sličnih igara kao što su Risk, A&A i Civ V. Ratovanje u igri zauzima veoma značajno mjesto na skali od 20 igrača, desetinama različitih jedinica, politike u igri i diplomatskih opcija (rat, mir, savez), Koalicija (klanova), Turnira i puno više za otkriti. Učlanite se koristeći uzorak sa vrha ili koristeći društvenu mrežu (Google, Twitter, Facebook, itd.) ili igrajte kao gost!

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Latest news

- - EDITION 3: FEBRUARY 19, 2017 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: atWar News
Section 2: The Training Initiative
Section 3: Funny Amok Video
Section 4: atWar Gossip

"Read what your heart desires" - Someone

atWar News
For starters, we have two new moderators! Congratulations to Eagle and Google Chrome. Ivan had asked us all to nominate who we wish to see as moderators, and now we have them. It appears that Google Chrome is taking his role as moderator gladly, as the Fun screenshots thread is just filled with funny pictures of Google Chrome testing out his new moderator abilities, haha!

As for the Clan War scene, ENIGMA has returned! Heat Check and other core ENIGMA members have revived the once competitive clan for this season. Now we will be able to see those classic clan wars between Epic Clan and ENIGMA that caused so much drama in past seasons. As we're in the topic of clan wars, Aristokrats have been knocked from their throne as #1! Epic Clan has been winning a lot of clan wars lately, and as the season comes to a close, would Aristokrats finally meet a worthy rival and lose their beloved #1 position? We have a couple of weeks to find out!

The Training Initiative
A new training initiative for the players run by the players is searching for trainers to teach atWar skills and mechanics to the new or curious members of the community. The initiative has been started to keep the game fresh and help new players coming into the game, helping us retain longer members of the community. For the older players of the game, they become more reformed in what they already know.

Trainers will be awarded for their work through trophies.
Trainees will be able to learn anything they wish.

Anyone willing to train people contact JF/, no forward requirements of a trainer other than he is active, wiling to train and understands the game.

Funny Amok Video
The video is very funny, it continues the Hitler meme of altering the subtitles of the video into something funny. In this case, Amok is Hitler who is angrily shouting insults at different parts of the community.

- This video is not meant to offend anyone that was stated or associated with in the video.

atWar Gossip
Shorter than the usual this week, but that means its a quicker read for those on a time crunch in their very busy lives of sitting in main lobby.

We have new mods, and no to the heart break of everyone, it is not Nifty.

The question is: Why does Google Chrome hate hearts? Has he faced a horrible childhood or a lonely valentines day?

But, the most important news in this week is: Did Dr. Trollface get personality disorder and became lemonade again??

What ever happened, may the Lemonade serve atWar and continue to put a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

Content Creators: JF/, Crow, Mystical
Formatting and Editing: Darkmace

"Knock Knock"
"Who's There?"
"Broken Pencil"
"Broken Pencil Who?"
"Never mind It's Pointless"

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atWar tim

Amok - programiranje
Ivan - dezen, website

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