Duels are now only possible in specially created 1v1 games. Select "Duel" as game type in the initial game settings screen. This option is now available for non-Premium players as well.

The option to declare duels mid-game has been removed.

It's also now possible to start a new Casual Duel game without waiting for the other player (previously both players had to be present to start a game).

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Heads up, we're sending orders to a printing company tomorrow, so this is your last chance to get an atWar t-shirt - either with the current Lifetime + T-shirt promotion or separately from the ProtoShop. We might print some extra t-shirts for later, but they would be limited in color/size.

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We are receiving a large volume of issues relating to atWar accounts connected to facebook accounts. Please PM me with an atWar link to an affected account if you are having any problems. Thanks for your patience.

Edit: The problem seems to with any account connected to a 3rd party, not only facebook.

The problem is now solved. Apologies for the disruption!

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Glorious promotion, everyone! For the whole of April you'll be able to get a free atWar t-shirt with your Lifetime Premium!
The t-shirts are available in White, Olive, Red and Dark Grey colors and S to XXL sizes. We deliver anywhere, apart from maybe North Korea.

If you just want a t-shirt, they're available for purchase here: ../premium/index.php?premium_tab=2 - 1350 ProtoCoins + shipping (depending on your country). This will likely be the only batch we ever print, so hurry up!

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It's been a while, but today we finally add some new upgrades, 6 of them! Here they are:

General: Rally The Troops - 1250 SP
+1 unit reinforcement in General's city

Longer defence lines - 7500 SP
+10% to defence line length

Lucky Ground Main Attack - 12500 SP
+1 to critical chance for Ground Main Attack units (Tanks)

Helicopter capacity - 32000 SP
+1 to Helicopter capacity (carries Marines only)

Affordable Air Stealth - 34000 SP
-30 cost for Air Stealth units

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Name your top 10 favourite players on atWar for a chance to win 300 day's premium. The winner will be selected at random and feel free to say why you have mentioned them.

You need a Google Account to enter and must Follow the official atWar Google+ Page, plus-vote and share the Status: 'Name your top 10 plyers here'.

The player with the Google Account: Ulvi Qenberov, has won Congratlations!

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Good news, everyone! We've finally added some awesome and tangible goodies to our ProtoShop. We have t-shirts in 5 4 different colors and mouse pads, all available to buy with ProtoCoins.

Because of the variety of t-shirt types/sizes, we're currently collecting pre-orders on them - they will be printed and shipped in about a month. Pre-orders have 10% discount and full availability of all colors/types/sizes (which will probably not be the case afterwards).

Head to the ProtoShop to reserve your goodies!

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UPDATE: it appears we've been a bit hasty with the implementation, and not everyone's been happy, to put it mildly. So, we've now decided to remove automatic rank limitations from the Main room, and lower Beginners room allowed ranks to 0-6. Hopefullly it would be enough to accomplish what we set out to do, without pissing everyone off.

Hi everyone! One of the most frustrating things in atWar is transitioning from the Beginners room to Main. After being on top of things in the rather relaxed Beginners room, you're plunged into a tank full of sharks, with little warning. Suddenly the game is not fun anymore, and besides, a bunch of your friends are still in the Beginners, and you can't go there.

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Hi all. We're looking for translators for the following languages:

- Spanish
- German
- Portuguese
- French
- Turkish

The task:
The task is to add any missing translations and go through the existing translations, bringing them up to professional level, fixing any mistakes and locking them. We have 3442 phrases in the database, though most of them consist only of 1-2 words. The result will be approved using peer review (basically, we'll ask players to assess the quality of the newly updated localization).

We're paying $60 + 2500 ProtoCoins. Money will be wired by PayPal or IBAN (European bank transfer) - you need to be able to accept either of them.

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Here's some (hopefully!) good news for those suffering from issues with connection.
There is now a new connection method available, which should hopefully make things more stable. It is still in a testing stage, but anyone can already enable it by simply typing "/connectiontype ws" in chat (no quotes).
To revert back to default type "/connectiontype sr" and to check the current status type "/connectiontype". For changes to take effect you need to reload the page. Please post you feedback here!

Thanks everyone for helping with testing, it was worth a try, now back to the drawing board!

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