As of today...

Double SP Weekend is active through Sunday! (January 26 at 11:59 PM US Central time).

On top of this, x3 SP is also on sale for 75 Proto Coins!

Dont miss out, get out there and get some SP!

- Dave and team

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= = = EDITION 22: January 22nd, 2020 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Player Of The Year 2019: Communities Choice Award
Section 2: Year in Review: 2019
Section 3: Recent Updates
Section 4: Origins: A Map by Roma Invicta
Section 5: World Map Update: Great Lakes Ports
Section 6: A Special Thank You
Section 7: Want to get Involved?

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I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the AtWar Implementer team the introduction of three new Presets to the Default Map: Central Asia, Indian, and Atlantic!

I first announced these presets way back in Spring of 2019, and I'm happy to say they've been implemented now. Each of these presets offers a unique experience that builds on previously accepted community guidelines of map balance and playability.

Central Asia was built with 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, and FFA in mind. In my playtests, it functions very well at being a quick game for 3v3s much like the Mediterranean preset, most games lasting less than ten turns, with picks such as Iran, Pakistan, Russia: Volga, China: Northwest, and more. It's definitely more constricted in some places than Europe is, and this really does offer an entertaining experience in places such as the Caucasus. Of course the concept of having a few countries provide bountiful wealth akin to Benelux in EU/EU+ is still present here, as well as the dialing back countries like Iran to ensure an even playing field.

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I'm pleased to announce Nedris is joining the mod team. Welcome aboard!

With the addition of our newest moderators, I think we're in a good position now to handle any future influxes of users as may occur. (Assuming we are fortunate enough to gain some traction with our various marketing efforts...)

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I'm happy to announce the appointment of 2 new moderators, Kaska and E.J.R.

Kaska has been very helpful behind-the-scenes, always giving me excellent advice, and not being afraid to speak his mind.

E.J.R has contributed a lot as a supporter, and in fact will now being doing double duty, as both moderator and leading map editor efforts on the supporters team.

Thank you both for your ongoing contributions to atWar, and welcome to the mod team!

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I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the AtWar Implementer Team that Blitzkrieg has received 2020's first buff!

For quite a long time now Blitzkrieg has remained a beloved and popular Strategy used by many, whether it be in competitive team games, duels, World 50ks, Scenarios, RP- You name it. Much like Imperialist in this regard, Blitzkrieg gives players a blanket buff for all units in the form of mightier range capabilities. However in recent years, Blitzkrieg has become outpaced by many other strategies and lacks the kind of defence capabilities to survive later on in most games. Much thought, discussion, and time was put into remedying this issue and planning ahead to ensure Blitzkrieg remains a staple to most, but catches up with the competition. To do so, we've increased the Range buff from +3 Range to +4 Range.

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From now until the end of the year, all subscriptions are on sale for 30-40% off! I have brought back Lifetime Subscription also for this limited time. Check it out on the Premium page.

Also, Santa is back on the World Map, delivering destruction (and protocoins) for the holidays!

How does this work, you ask?

Well, find the Santa Claus unit, follow the instructions below, and get 300 protocoins! Here's what you need to do:

1) Find the Santa Claus unit (you must own it, not belonging to another player)
2) Take a screenshot
3) Post the screenshot and game link here on this thread
4) Protocoins will be added to your account once I verify! (Limit 1 time per player.)

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2019 Public Meeting

AtWar's Admin, Moderator, and Supporter teams would like to invite the player-base to attend their last *official* meeting of the year.

It will be held on Sunday, December 22nd @ 3 pm CDT (Central USA), in the game it's self (expect to have it in a game lobby or a room lobby-- we will let you know).

Time Conversions
1:00 pm Pacific Time (USA)
4:00 pm Eastern Time (USA)
9:00 pm Western Europe (UK, Portugal)
10:00 pm Central Europe (Germany, France, taly, Croatia, Serbia)
6:00 am Tokyo
5:00 am Hong Kong
2:30 am Delhi
11:00 pm Jerusalem

- New Ranking System
- New CW Guidelines
- Proposal of the revamp of the CW/Elo system
- Opinions about Admin, Mod, Supporter teams
- Game mechanics
- Questions on the game
- Map Editor
- Strategies
- Trophies
- SP Multiplier
- And more!

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I'm happy to announce the creation of new ranks! As you know, up until now the highest rank possible was 16. Now I have added 10 more ranks beyond this, i.e. 17-26.

Who will be the first to achieve Rank 17?

If you're curious what the new rank shields look like....

... you'll have to rank up and find out!

As you can see I've made all new, higher-resolution versions of our ranks. I've kept the symbols for R1-15 the same. R16 you'll notice has changed... we will keep the Skull logo reserved for the highest rank possible (which is now R26). (Hint: It continues following the logic of atWar's original counting-based system of symbols, up to R19. Starting at R20, we embark on a new system.)

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Welcome Enigma Code, Nedris, and Sun Tsu to the Supporters team!

I'd say what exactly they are doing but it would be a very long list! So, I will say they are going to be actively helping in a variety of areas in atWar.

We hope to accomplish more with the addition of three more Supporters, including Sun Tsu. Of course, with the addition of these Supporters, changes to the team will come .

Congratulations guys!

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"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime."

— Ernest Hemingway

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, World War I officially came to an end. Celebrations throughout the world ensued; however, millions of lives were lost over the greed that is war.

To honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, double SP games as well as PC/SP Drops, and a few 1-month prem give-aways will be done today.

Thank you, and may those who are lost forever rest in peace.

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